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S.W Training Course


S.W Training Course is targeted for individuals who are pursuing to teach S.W concepts. In this course you will be taught and reviewed the fundamentals of programming and computational thinking. You will study each concept in detail and be offered activities and ideas for your students to do in order to fully practice each aspect of algorithms. You will also be undergoing a comprehensive Scratch crash course in order to fully understand and teach Scratch programming.


After this course, the individual will be able to:

  • Define and explain the concepts of algorithms and programming
  • Identify and describe all aspects of computational thinking
  • Effectively apply theoretical concepts to real life examples
  • Understand and explains basic fundamentals of computer science
  • Program using Scratch at an proficient level
  • Identify and explain all blocks and Scratch
  • Understand and perform all Scratch lessons for both Intermediate and Advanced levels

Course Project

Participants of the course will be able to apply the course’s knowledge and be able to teach CodePilot, CodeLite, and KamiBot.

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