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This course is aimed for ages 8-11In this course, kids are taught and trained Scratch programming at an intermediate level to introduce themselves to programming. Students will develop their logical and problem solving skills by tackling on coding tasks and activities that will challenge their knowledge and understanding of programming at each stage of their learning. At the end of each stage, students will be challenged with programming D-play in order to test their programming skills. 


After the completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Create interactive and automated programs using Scratch
  • Read, understand, and follow Scratch coding blocks
  • Utilise different types of Scratch code blocks in their programming
  • Introduce themselves to basic computer science concepts
  • Confidently approach new challenging tasks using Scratch
  • Familiarise themselves with programming at a virtual and physical layer

Brief Contents

  • Introduction to Scratch Interface
  • Movement and Motion Blocks
  • Costumes and Looks Blocks
  • Sound Blocks
  • Data and List Variables
  • Broadcasting and Sensing
  • Operators and Operations
  • Defining Functions and More Blocks

Course Project

Throughout the term, participants of the course are expected to apply intermediate Scratch code to program D-play to accomplish essential tasks and activities.

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