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APP Inventor


Since the invention of smartphones, the use of smartphones around the world have risen exponentially. Mobile applications development have become a huge interest among upcoming tech students and companies as a good app idea can be worth billions. This course is aimed specifically for students wanting to create their own applications, whether they are games or tools used for their smartphones, and teaches them the fundamentals and foundations of app development. The primary tool for the development of student apps will APP Inventor which is a block based coding language designed for newcomers.


After this course students will be able to:

  • Develop interactive android phone applications using APP inventor
  • Create interactive forms of applications that capture user inputs
  • Store and compute informations on their phones using APP inventor
  • Be able to program BitBlock and D-play

Brief Contents

  • Fundamental of Applications
  • Introduction to APP Inventor
  • Coding Basics for APP Inventor

Course Project

Throughout the course, students will be given time to develop their own personal application based project and be given support to design their own application.

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