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Welcome To Playsoft Code Academy!

Playsoft Code Academy enjoys a reputation for being one of the most successful coaching colleges in Australia. The college was established over 15 years ago and provides high-quality coaching for students. Our coaching system is implemented by experienced teachers using high quality text books and a comprehensive curriculum. We enjoy modern, clean learning facilities including online support classes which create an optimal learning environment for success.

2019 Term 1 will be commencing on Friday, 01st February 2019.  There will be a particular focus on improving general ability skills as well as computing skills. Taking this course will allow students to build a solid foundation and creative technology.

Why Study With Us?
Since 2004 we have built up our experience and reputation in the education industry.

Special Techniques
We use modern technologies and techniques to help with learning better.

Qualified Staff
We have the most qualified and experienced teachers from the industry available.

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Enquire with our staff as soon as possible before classes are filled up.

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